Quick Guide to Psychology Plus

Harriet Lawes, BSc Psychology student

So, what is Psychology Plus?

Psychology Plus is a scheme which provides an opportunity for University of South Wales Psychology students to gain extra knowledge, training and experience in an area of interest related to Psychology.

This is an extra-curricular scheme - which means the opportunities are additional to their programme of study.  All of the opportunities are subsidised by the University which means that the vast majority are completely free of charge to our students.


Where did the idea to set it up come from?

We started the scheme in order to give our Psychology graduates a competitive edge in the employment market-place or for when they apply for postgraduate study.  Employers and course leaders on postgraduate programmes look very positively on work experience to supplement academic qualifications.  We also wanted to give students a feel for what life is like working as a Psychologist or allied professional in a number of different areas. 

What can you do? 

There are dozens of opportunities on offer. These include half day training courses (e.g., Safeguarding Children), research placements with academic staff (e.g., as part of the Social Psychology Research Group) or external placements with organisations who provide support for vulnerable groups (e.g., Alzheimer’s Society or Mind). 

How can it benefit me as an undergraduate psychology student?

Taking part in the scheme will enhance your skills, knowledge and experience in a particular area as well as demonstrate your commitment to Psychology.  This will be of huge benefit when applying for work or for postgraduate study. 

What are the other benefits?

You will get a feel for what it is like working as a Psychologist or allied professional. Many of the opportunities will also be a valuable addition to your programme of study as you will get practical experience to supplement your academic teaching. 

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Picture shows Psychology student Harriet on placement in the on-campus Autism Clinic