Module: Management and Support of Individuals with Developmental Disorders

Autism Clinic PAWB psychology

This module, taken on the BSc (Hons) Psychology with Developmental Disorders degree, focuses on different intervention and management approaches typically used to support individuals with developmental disorders.

It’s split into two parts - the theoretical, which runs from September to Christmas, and comprises of workshops, seminars and additional certificates; and the practical, which includes an 8-week placement between February and April.


In this we cover the different approaches to how we support children and adults with ADHD, Autism, and Dyspraxia. These include psychodynamic approaches, cognitive approaches and behavioural approaches as well considering social models.

Each week, you will refer to your case study of an individual with a developmental disorder. You will be asked to apply the theoretical approach discussed in the seminar to your specific case to see if it works, noting the advantages and limitations of the approach.

There will also be the opportunity to gain additional certificates such as Safeguarding Adults Level 2 and Continuing Care for Children, both of which are free and will be a good addition to your CV.


This is your chance to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice.

The first five weeks are used to prepare you for placement. You will learn how to use reflection as an evaluative tool; this is a vital and valuable tool for a practitioner, and one you will use throughout your career.

Then you will undertake an eight-week placement in a setting of your choice. The placement must be in a setting that supports individuals with developmental disorders, however this could be a:

  • Charity
  • Special school
  • Employer such as Remploy
  • Mainstream school working one-to-one with a child with additional needs

Placements are tailored around your future ambitions, what you need to help you progress and what will give you a competitive advantage.

On placement, you will be given a placement  handbook which will include a number of tasks to complete. For example, one of these could be to consider an approach to management you observe and critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this approach.