Sport can be used to explore issues of race, gender and youth

Seb Coe Sport 2012 Olympics

Sport today is a massive industry which has huge effects on society both socially and economically.

It has become a focal point for issues such as changing gender roles, societal conflict over things like ownership of football clubs as well as larger problems like racism on the terraces.

It looks at how sport interacts with society by either creating, challenging or reinforcing the norms and values of this new leisure based society. 

In the Sociology of Sport module we examine how sport can be used as a governmental political tool in boosting a particular regime/ideology or by threatening to boycott certain international sporting events run by other regimes.

This can clearly been seen within the ranks of the British government when ministers all queued up to be seen with 2012 London Olympic stars, or when they talked about a boycott of the 2014 Russian Winter Olympics.

The Sociology of Sport examines all these as well as other issues guiding and supporting the student in analysing their own independent study into a sporting topic.