Alex's experience of studying sociology

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Alex Gilson is a BSc (Hons) Sociology graduate. He shares his experience of the course, from undertaking work experience at the YMCA Pontypridd Memories Project, to joining the History society.

"I undertook a work placement with the YMCA Pontypridd Memories Project, during the second year of the sociology course. The YMCA used to be at the heart of town and was a good reference point for social gatherings. It was closed down for many years, but a funding scheme was put in place to re-open the establishment. My role in the memories’ team was to archive the YMCA’s older items, using them to develop a story showing its transition. For the placement, I had to undertake 30 hours of work. I ended up doing three months. I guess that shows how much I loved the project.

To make the most of my experience at the University of South Wales, I joined the History Society to meet people with similar interests. I attended a society trip to Berlin, which was amazing. While there, I visited many historical sites. We visited Reichstag, Brandenburg and Victory Tower. During the trip, I made the most of the social aspect of being in a society, making some fantastic friends.

The Conflict, War and Peace module proved enlightening and it was my favourite on the course. It educated me about why conflict happens and how political systems struggle to maintain peace. It opened my eyes to corruption in politics and the reasons why it takes place. For example, some countries would prefer not to sell weapons to other countries, but they’re likely to continue, for the huge profit they make.”