Start viewing the world differently, says Sara

Sara Daniels - Sociology.jpg

Sara Daniels is a sociology graduate whose passion for global issues sparked while studying the course.

What I love about Sociology is the wide-ranging topics it covers. There really is something for everyone. The course content changes your mindset on issues, and you start viewing the world differently – something you’d never have imagined beforehand.

I have an interest in global issues, and the modules ‘Conflict, War and Peace’ and ‘Society and the Environment’ cemented my passion for this. They look at matters in today’s world, such as the global arms trade or climate change, but from a sociological perspective, proving that sociology can be applied to most things in life. Inspired to expand my knowledge on these issues, following graduation, I’m studying the MSc Global Governance at the University.

Lecturers on the course have been first-rate. They are enthusiastic about their areas of expertise, and their teaching styles vary – they kept me on my toes. You never fall short of a good old-fashioned debate during class, which helps you form opinions on just about everything!

I volunteered as an Emergency Responder for the British Red Cross to compliment my studies. The Red Cross Emergency Responders operate on a call by call basis with the fire brigade, providing emotional and practical support to anyone who’s experienced a difficult situation. One call-out I attended was to a house fire, where I had to ease the person who was distressed by the damage caused, as well as provide support on how to deal with their insurance claim. Sociology is all about dealing with people, preparing you for roles like this.