Liam is an Athletic Performance Coach at Blackburn Rovers FC

Liam Mason is an Athletic Performance Coach at Blackburn Rovers FC. He studied BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science at USW.

My career so far
Straight after leaving University, I began working as an intern with the professional squad at Blackburn Rovers and was fortunate to be offered a full time role with them in January 2015.

Alongside this, I worked as an assistant S&C coach at the University of Manchester. I have continued with this as it’s something that gives me great satisfaction, as well as the opportunity to try out new ideas.

I have also just begun working with Lancashire County Cricket Club as their sport science/GPS consultant. This is something I am excited to get stuck into and I’m looking forward to helping to develop the provision of athlete monitoring at the club.


What motivates me?
The athletes and staff I work with motivate me to continually learn and improve in order to provide the best support to them I possibly can. I’m fortunate that there’s a clearly defined pathway for me to progress at Blackburn; the aim is to work my way up that ladder. The idea of working at a club for a long period of time and transitioning from intern to head of department is hugely appealing to me.

Why Sport and Exercise Science
My parents always told me to study something I enjoy and I’ve always had a passion for sport and science, so it was the perfect option for me! The qualification has allowed me to meet the essential criteria on job specifications while providing me with a broad scientific knowledge and base on which to build.

I was lucky to have some excellent lecturers at USW, such as Pip Laugharne, who found ways to get complicated information across simply. Ian Jeffreys was just incredible. His knowledge, passion and energy made the two hours I had with him on a Friday morning the most enjoyable time of my week! He’s a big reason I am where I am today.

Advice to students
Don’t wait for someone to offer you experience or, worse still, to finish university to get it. Go out and find it as soon as you possibly can - and be persistent

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