Sports coaching personal statement

Bronnie Griffiths, Sports Coaching and Development Degree, USW Sport Park

"The kind of student we’re keen to attract on our sports coaching course is someone who first and foremost has an appetite for coaching and developing others," says Tony Wallis, course leader.

"You’ll need to have the enthusiasm and drive to get more people involved in sport, as well as a positive attitude and good communication skills."

Tell us about any experience you have had:

  • Leading a session at a club or school
  • Being an ambassador for sport
  • Leading or participating in sport in a voluntary or paid capacity, particularly for a national governing body; school; local authority or outdoor education
  • organisation or initiative such as the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme
  • With Young Ambassadors Wales 
  • With a Coach of the Future scheme 

"If you don’t have experience, that’s fine – as long as you bring bags of enthusiasm!" says Tony.

"Use your sport personal statement to show us that you have the personal qualities you’ll need to succeed on this sports development course."

Look for ways to evidence your:

  • Enthusiasm for sport
  • Leadership skills
  • Ability to inspire and mentor others
  • Ability to communicate in different formats

"Talk about the modules you are looking forward to studying and why - this will tell us more about you," he said.

"Emphasise how the Sports Coaching and Development degree will support your future career pathway.

"If you know where you want to be in five years’ time, say so. Maybe you want to become a PE teacher or get a sports development officer job – the Sports Coaching and Development course is ideal for these."