Hannah is now training to become a PE teacher

Hannah Palmer, sports coaching graduate, now studying to become a PE teacher

Bristol-born Hannah Palmer graduated from the Sports Development course in 2017 and is now studying to become a PE teacher in a secondary school.

"USW's sports development course had a huge impact on my decision to become a sports teacher.

"It prepared me very well, giving me the academic knowledge as well as the practical skills I need to plan and deliver lessons, communicate effectively with children, and lead and inspire others.

Work placements were key

"Key to this were the many and varied work experiences I was given as part of the course, such as working as a Sports Coach for the local authority, and volunteering with Active Valleys, which gave me experience of physical education within local primary schools.

"As part of my third-year placement, I worked with a local high school to investigate and tackle barriers to participation within year 7 and 8 girls.

"It taught me a great deal about lesson set up and structure, but also consolidated what I’d learned in class about the barriers children face in engaging with sport and physical education.

"This really informed the kind of teacher I want to become.

The skills to inspire and engage

"Teaching PE in schools is about finding ways to engage everyone. Where children can’t actively participate, I give them leadership roles which not only supports their learning but others’ too.

"Recently I had to deliver a term of year eight badminton, and had one student who found it very challenging.

Sports coaching knowledge

"Through differentiation - where you tailor your coaching to meet the needs of your players - I used fun activities to teach her the fundamentals of the game.

"Once she'd grasped these, she began to enjoy herself and quickly became one of my best players - so much so that she joined a local badminton club.

"You can’t ask for more as a coach."