Coaching degree gave me contacts, experience and a job I love

Aaon-Northmore - Sports Coaching degree

USW graduate Aaron Northmore works for StreetGames, a national sport and anti-poverty charity.

"My sports coaching course played a huge role in kickstarting my career in sport. I did a placement at Streetgames as part of my course and they offered me a job afterwards.

Changing lives through sport

"That first placement was pretty special. Having developed a strong passion for community sport during my coaching degree, I asked to work with a StreetGames’ project in Lansbury Park, one of Wales’ most deprived areas.

"It exposed me to young people with so much potential, yet few opportunities.

Empowering young people

"For my first five sessions, only three young people turned up. I was told that if this didn’t improve, the scheme would close, so I went to the young people and asked them for their help…their eyes lit up!

"They took me on a tour of the estate, knocking on their mates’ doors, taking me to the places they all hung out and Snapchatting their entire contacts list.

"After half an hour - and many conversations - we were met at the youth centre by 32 youngsters, all ready to get stuck into a game of football. Ever since, we’ve regularly had at 25 or more young people running around on a Wednesday night in Lansbury Park. The young people really did make that happen!

About my job

"It is safe to say I am loving my job with StreetGames! I lead their Doorstep Sport Club and Community Safety programmes and support a network of local organisations to develop their sporting offers.

"The role is great – I have flexibility, responsibility and a great set of colleagues. Plus, the organisation is fast paced and always moving forward, so it means I am never bored.

My degree made all this possible

"The academic side of my sports coaching degree helped massively by giving me the skills and the knowledge to do this job, but USW Sport's emphasis on student employability and engagement with partners across the sector was paramount to my employment.

Superb connections

"I left the university not only with a good degree and a strong understanding, but also superb connections with people from across the sector who have been hugely helpful in my current role.

"I highly recommend the sports coaching and development course and USW. For anyone looking to work in sport, this is the course for you."

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