Our Strength and Conditioning degree is more than just a course

Christie Marie Williams - Strength and Conditioning Student

More than a Course: Strength and Conditioning Students have the Opportunity to Undertake Professional Qualifications whilst Studying at the University

Professional accreditation is an important step in gaining employment in the strength and conditioning field. As well as developing the underpinning knowledge and practical skills required to work as a strength and conditioning coach, the University of South Wales’ BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning course is designed to prepare students to complete industry-based accreditation.

Each year, the University pays for 3rd-year students who achieve a 2:1 or above to sit the National Strength and Conditioning Association's (NSCA) Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) exam.

We are the only the University in the UK who currently fund this.

Established in 1985, the CSCS was the worlds first strength and conditioning accreditation and is considered the gold standard for professionals working in the field around the world. Attainment of the CSCS signifies that an individual has the required knowledge and skillset to design and deliver safe and effective training programmes to athletes and is a key requirement on many job adverts.

The University is also working with the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) to embed other industry qualifications into the course.
Combined, this means that USW Strength and Conditioning students have the opportunity to graduate with the required knowledge, practical skills and professional accreditation to maximise their chance of future employment.