Lucia transformed her home gym into a business

Lucia Carpanini, a USW Strength and Conditioning student, has always had an entrepreneurial mind thanks to her parents who are both business owners. She now runs her own business, Limitless.Fitness, after converting some space at home into a personal gym during the pandemic. Here, she talks about her tips for setting up a business and her plans for the coming years.

What inspired you to start your own business or go freelance?

My family have always been entrepreneurs, my father owns three amusement shops and my mother has her own cafe. Being independent has been engraved in me since I was little due to both my parents being self-employed. I always used to help my mum and dad in their shops, as I grew up I was inspired by how hard working both of them were and what it took to run a successful business.

When and where did you first develop the idea for the enterprise/company that you're currently involved with?

In the pandemic, my sister was going to transform a space into a beauty parlour but ended up quitting as the project required to much manual labour. Due to the virus, we expended the home gym and one day me and my sister thought about transforming our office space into a personal gym. It all went from there and developed into my business 'Limitless.Fitness'. I'm very hands on and practical so I enjoyed the challenge of clearing the space.

What do you enjoy most about your work and what are the main challenges that you face?

Doing the whole business space transformation myself was very inspiring and after completion the sense of achievement was unreal. It was a time-consuming project, I was working full-time to save up for the gym equipment.

The biggest challenge was clearing the space after nobody had been in there for 10 years, it took a good while. Especially considering, I took everything to the tip in my car to save money on hiring a skip. The part I enjoy most is that every time I now step into the gym I know what it once looked like and recognise just how far me and my enterprise have come.

What are your plans for the next 5 years?

  • I want to try and make 'Limitless.Fitness' my full-time job, and hopefully expand the business.
  • I want to get more women involved in health and fitness, I want women to come to 'Limitless.Fitness' and leave feeling confident and strong.
  • I also want women to feel that they can attend the gym alone while being confident in their own ability. When I graduate I will offer 40 spaces out to the public, my goal will be to fill the spaces and help women grow into the best version of themselves.

Any advice to others thinking of setting up a business or going freelance?

If you have an opportunity to do something you love take it!

Make sure to plan effectively and ensure you have the money and extra before you start. Always look around for the best prices and do stuff yourself whenever you can to save money! Make sure your idea has a target audience and make sure there's a slot for you to fill in the market.

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