Inside the Family Insitute

The Library

Our library of books donated to the Family Institute by colleagues, ex-staff and students. These books are representative of the history of ideas in the Systemic Psychotherapy field and are symbolic of the both the contribution and context of the Family Institute in the UK and internationally. Whilst these books are not for loan (the main library holds the catalogue of counselling and psychotherapy books) they are available for reference in class.

The Oak Room

This is the main teaching room. Students gather here in small or large groups to listen to lectures, debate ideas in seminars, have supervision on their clinical practice, or even engage in personal development sessions.

As a multi-purpose room chairs can be easily moved to reflect the activity taking place. The room also serves as one of three observation rooms, with a one-way mirror at the end (out of sight) through which we can watch the activity taking place in the next room- either clinical work with clients or simulated practice sessions. Students can get immediate feedback and guidance on their practice from their tutor and colleagues.

The Willow Room

We use this room for seminars, supervision sessions, authentic learning clinics and therapy with clients. Our rooms are designed to be welcoming and relaxing for students, colleagues and clients. The toys scattered around are there for (mainly) for children to use. 

When we are using this room for authentic learning clinics, or clinical practice with live supervision, the blind over the one-way mirror (seen on the right of the photo) will be pulled up so that the team and supervisor sitting in the next room will be able to watch and contribute ideas through the intercom telephone (visible resting on the TV). Students find this an invaluable tool for learning.


Observation Room

Here groups of students and clinical teams gather to watch and help their colleagues in the other room. They will be contributing to the therapy or the simulated counselling that will be taking place; offering ideas, suggestions and asking questions of the family, trainee therapist or student counsellor.


The Rowan Room

This is used for therapy, practice sessions, teaching, supervision, team discussions, and small group exercises. In common with the other rooms there is an observation room attached.