I love seeing people make positive changes

Mary_Morris_Family Institute

Mary Morris is a senior lecturer in Psychotherapy, and a Systemic Psychotherapist registered with the UK Council for Psychotherapy, providing a therapeutic service to the public as well as teaching on the Family Institute’s courses. 

"Initially I trained as a social worker, and over the years worked in various contexts, such as adult mental health, looked after children, post abuse and child and adolescent mental health.

Even before training as a social worker, I had an interest in becoming a therapist. Before starting a family, I began psychoanalytic training as a Child Psychotherapist.

Becoming a mother, and moving out of London put those plans on hold, until years later I came across the Family Institute. By this time I was more interested in thinking about the context of relationships within which people live, rather than focusing on their internal psyche.

Systemic psychotherapy gave me the framework within which to work therapeutically, and relationally, and allowed me to incorporate my feminist beliefs into my stance as a practitioner.

I trained as a Systemic Psychotherapist at the Family Institute in the late 90s, and returned to work there in 2007. As the daughter of teachers I always said I would not become a teacher, but it turns out that it is in my family script.

My approach to teaching is based on the idea of learning to learn. I find it rewarding to watch students grow into the realisation that they can shape their own learning; particularly those who may have felt excluded from engaging with the educational world in the past.

I really value the opportunity to practice both as a psychotherapist and teacher. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my career is witnessing people reflect on their lives, make positive changes or increase their options for how they relate to the world- whether it is in the therapy room or the teaching room."