Being able to make a difference is what motivates me

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Sue Bird is a sessional counsellor at Cardiff Metropolitan University and is in the process of setting up her own private counselling practice.  She graduated from the BSc (Hons) Systemic Counselling degree in 2014

"The best thing about being a counsellor is that I get to meet such a diverse range of people, from different cultural backgrounds and with varied age ranges. My clients bring many different issues which have enabled me to gain a wide range of experience.  

I feel both privileged and often quite humbled at the life experiences that my clients bring to counselling and for me, being able to make a difference on a daily basis is what continually motivates me.  

Why I wanted to study counselling

I did the counselling degree as I had previously completed my Level 4 Diploma in Counselling Skills and wanted to further develop my skills.

I researched a number of counselling courses and visited a couple of campuses before deciding to study at the University of South Wales.  This counselling course was the one that stood out for me because it demonstrated a commitment to encouraging students to choose their own unique way of working.

In my final year of the degree, I participated in a group co-operative enquiry. The focus was an enquiry of self in counselling practice. I really enjoyed this experience, primarily because the support of the group and my tutors encouraged me to draw on my own resilience and resourcefulness throughout the enquiry.   

Placement led to a job

As part of my counselling training, I had to complete 100 of voluntary counselling hours. One of my placements was at Cardiff Metropolitan University, and it was because of this that I was offered a job there shortly after graduation. I would not have been offered this position without gaining my BSc Systemic Counselling degree.

The next step for me is to get my BACP accreditation, and then I will return to USW and complete my Masters."