The course will open up new roles

Carla Wood, CertHE in Health Care Nursing Support Worker Education

Carla Wood lives in a small town in mid Wales and works as a Band 3 Health Care Social Worker in a community nursing team.

"My role is to undertake nursing procedures and interventions within my competencies. I decided to do this course as I wanted to do some further learning to progress in my nursing career.

The CertHE in Health Care Nursing Support Worker Education will allow me to apply for a job as a higher band, while also giving me more skills.

I find it quite difficult to juggle work and study but I manage! I enjoy the Fundamentals module the most because the tutors are very approachable and I enjoy the days at the University of South Wales as we get to chat with other students to see how everyone is doing. 

I have learnt new skills such as how to reflect on a piece of work I have done or an event in my working day. I am a lot more aware of the importance of communication. If you are thinking about doing this course you need to be sure that you have the time to commit to it.

You need a supportive mentor as it is a lot more time consuming than you think. Having experience of nursing care for at least a year would also help as you need the clinical skills to match the course work."