This course is my stepping stone to Nursing

 Nikki Taylor, CertHE Health Care

Nikki is a full time healthcare support worker in Brecon War Memorial Hospital.  

"I decided to enrol on to the CertHE in Health Care Nursing Support Worker Education course as I wanted to broaden my knowledge and understanding of my role as a healthcare support worker. It will allow me to be more confident in practice and give me a good stepping stone towards applying for nurse training.

About my job 

I have worked as a healthcare assistant for around 10 years now, six of those were in a care home where I completed my NVQs / QCFs. I decided to leave the care home as I was unable to gain any clinical skills and as the only path left to take was to become a manager which is not my cup of tea. I much prefer to be hands on with my patients.

I currently work on a stroke rehabilitation ward, but we are also a care of the elderly ward where we can often see to dementia patients and those on palliative care. My job role allows me to give care and support to those who need it most to which I find rewarding.

Favourite topics

I have enjoyed the Fundamentals of Care module as it allowed me to brush up on my knowledge of the basic care skills needed to provide good holistic care to a person. I have also enjoyed the University study days as I get to speak to fellow students and share our experiences, and also it helps put my mind back into focus. 

New skills

I have learnt of the different models of nursing and how a certain model may be more applicable to different areas of nursing than others. I have also learnt how to reflect by using different reflection models, this enables me to look back and learn from past experiences or situations with patients. Lastly, referencing! I may not be great just yet but this is definitely a new skill I have learnt as I used to see referencing as just using quote marks!

Advice to others

If you're considering this course, I would say ensure you have the time to study and a good support network around you." 


What to do now:

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