This course will change your life - and the lives of those you care for

Olga Belov, CertHE in Health Care Nursing Support Worker Education graduate

Olga Belov graduated from the CertHE in Health Care Nursing Support Worker Education course in 2015. A community liaison support worker with the Cardiff Memory Team [part of Cardiff and Vale University Health Board], her patients are people who live with dementia.

"My duties include performing basic cognitive assessment to check medication compliance and find some practical solutions to help with everyday living, as well as help with financial support by accessing benefits.

I enjoy interaction with people from different walks of life, which makes every home visit interesting and challenging.  Also, I hope that after my visit, I have made life more manageable for my patients and their carers. This is easily the most enjoyable part of my job, and gives me huge job satisfaction.

My motivation arises out of my personal life: at some point in their life, members of my family have relied heavily on professional care. It was from observing these professionals, their work and the help we received which led me in to the caring profession.  

I applied for the CertHE in Health Care Nursing Support Worker Education as at that point in my career, I needed the academic knowledge to back up my practical skills and be able to move forward. 

How it has helped

The support worker qualification has helped my career in so many ways.  

I finished the course with a distinction and I am incredibly proud of that. Professionally, I am much more confident in dealing with difficult cases and more objective than before. 

The course gave me much-needed academic knowledge into dementia and new professional angles into solving problems; it also taught me about emotional intelligence and sensitivity when dealing with incredibly high charged and emotionally disturbing cases. 

Apart from everything else, the course taught me the self-discipline I needed to achieve my personal and professional goals. 

I proved to myself, my family, friends and colleagues that I could do it - even at the grand old age of 59!  

As a result of the course, I have become a better HCSW, delivering the best care for my patient and their carers in an emotional intelligence frame, with dignity and respect, as I was taught by my tutors and as I feel it should be delivered.        

I would advise anyone who is interested in this support worker course to apply without hesitation. This course will change you, your life and the lives of those you care for. 

The two years I spent at University of South Wales were priceless and precious for me. This is a stepping-stone. Go for it!"