Football coaching Theory to Practice: The Coaching Process

The innovative approach to the delivery of the Foundation Degree Community Football Coaching and Development course means that the student will be based at a professional football club. All learning materials are delivered by USW staff and material is edited by the specialist media team.

Although the course has a very practical nature to its delivery, this is not a hurdle for our blended learning students. Here is an example of a lecture designed to outline the coaching process which supports our students to then go and replicate within their own delivery for their respective Community Trust or Foundation.

This video provides a good example of the coaching process from beginning to end. The coaching process is an intervention used within session delivery with this particular example outlining the steps taken to correct decisions made by a player.

The process allows the coach to address all three ways in which a player learns - Audio (listening - coach describing what when wrong and how to correct it); Visual (seeing - coach showing the player how to do it) and finally Kinaesthetic (doing - allowing the player to do it unopposed to gain confidence). The text throughout the video reinforces the take home messages allowing the students to learn more effectively.