Richard’s post-16 career has gone full circle

Richard Caley, Foundation Degree Community Football Coaching and Development

Having started his journey with the Football & Education academy back in 2016, current third-year degree student, primary school and academy football coach, Richard Caley, is the perfect example of what can be achieved through Sheffield United Community Foundation’s education platform.

Richard built up an excellent reputation whilst studying on the BTEC study programme. Richard’s work-ethic and personal drive ensured that he finished college with a respectable grade amongst a bank of practical work experiences. As a natural progression, Richard decided to stay with the education academy to complete his University degree.

Having expressed a passion for sports coaching, this was a natural fit for Richard as it allowed him to combine his academic studies with voluntary experience across a variety of the Foundation’s different strands. This in turn provided him opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge during his weekly coaching practice, which helped contribute to his personal and professional growth.

Fast forward to 2020, Richard’s reputation and responsibilities throughout the foundation have grown considerably. Richards’ post-16 career has gone full circle, having been recently appointed to coach academy students, that only a few years back, he was one of himself.

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