Hannah Jones becomes female representative on Female Development Programme

Hannah Jones - Sports Coaching and Development.png

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Prior to beginning football I was an actively competitive gymnast for Rotherham; however during this time I still supported my local club Rotherham United. Due to injury, I was forced to ‘retire’; soon after I began college at Rotherham United which led me fluidly into the USW university course. Alongside of which, I support Rotherham United first team actively home and away, Rotherham Women’s, and Arsenal Women’s due to sharing contacts with their coaching staff! In my spare time I spend time with family and friends, as well as travelling and engaging in art and photography.

Are you currently employed or undertaking any voluntary roles in sport and if so, what do these involve?

I am currently employed as an assistant coach for the trust at Rotherham United. Before which I completed 2 years in active voluntary work (at RUCST) encountering a range of settings with a range of participants. The previous and current work I have undertaken includes working in sub-areas of  inclusion, education, health and participation - including continuously working on our talent and academy pathways ‘Future Stars’ for both males and females.

What are your future career goals?

After completion of the 2 year course with USW, I hope to enroll onto the Sports Coaching and Development top-up degree, after which enroll onto a PGCE to follow the path into sports teaching, school and education. Alongside this I wish to continue my current coaching path; I’m soon to complete my FA Level 1, after which I hope to progress up the ladder in coaching badges (across multiple sports) and potentially begin my refereeing experience. 

Why are you interested in being a female representative and what benefits you think the development programme will have on female experience?

The development of females within a sporting environment is something that I do have concerns for and am passionate about in terms of developing. By providing this opportunity to our females will create an inclusive, welcoming and quality experience. You’ll be able to gain something additional and external from your USW/EFLT blended learning programme, as well as gaining the feeling of playing a part of something with small beginnings which can certainly end huge! (Without you, it wouldn’t be possible!) The whole experience will give the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals; students like yourself, perhaps past students, and those who work within the sporting industry. This will allow us to be our best selves, unite as one; acting together as one within the movement where we can strive to empower each other to realise potential and develop.

Is there anything else you think students should know about you?

My passion for sport and being involved within the area began early. I attended swimming lessons from an early age; as most children do, and continued up to the age of 13 - competing a few times. I was also lucky enough to join a local gymnastics club at the age of 6, where I trained and competed at many levels across 10 years, including at Yorkshire level. During my time in gymnastics and swimming, I was allowed the opportunity to voluntarily coach and judge/score others of different ages, with a range of abilities and competitive levels.

Why should students approach you as the representative for the programme?

I currently hold a position within the FA Leadership Academy which is designed to develop people as leaders, in order to plan, deliver and develop a project to impact the football community and the wider football community. Due to my own experiences I focused my project on developing females and female footballers, giving them a sense of belonging in football, as well as producing and recognising talent. The transferable skills and experience from FALA 21 is something that can be replicated within this programme as a representative, hopefully to make you also feel that sense of belonging! Due to holding a position in FALA 21 I currently hold a large network of connections across the whole of England, with a range of different people from different sports sub-sectors and the hosting areas for the Women's Euros 2022. My experience in holding this is something which can be utilised, and again something that can be replicated by myself with you if you do wish to contact me.

Additionally, on several occasions in multiple places I have acted as a voice for students and services, this allows me to present the understanding of successes and failures - how to progress from weaker areas.

Collectively piecing all of these together, the skill set I have developed and hold and an individual can certainly have an impact on the growth, progress and success of this programme. However, without you it wouldn’t be possible, so anything big or small, I ask and persuade you to, with no doubt, speak up and raise it to my attention! (Your experiences and thoughts matter to most!).