Female Development Programme created to inspire and develop future workforce

Jodie Hayes - Sports Coaching and Development

What is the Female Development Programme?

Jodie Hayes, Academic Development Officer at the EFL Trust and Project Lead outlines the importance of this project for the development of females on the Fd/BSc Sports Coaching and Development.

By providing this opportunity to our females it will create an inclusive, welcoming and quality experience. Students will be able to gain something additional and external from their USW/EFLT blended learning programme, as well as gaining the feeling of playing a part of something with small beginnings which can certainly end huge! The whole experience will give students the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals; peers across the country, USW Alumni, and those who work within the sporting industry.

Chris Emsley, Course Leader for the FdSc and BSc Sports Coaching and Development degrees says “this innovative programme is a fantastic example of the work being done by Jodie and the team and it’s great to see Hannah Jones recruited as the first representative. As the number of females on the course continues to grow, I hope the likes of Hannah can help to shape the degree to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets the needs of our brilliant females”.