Robyn Jepson and her work in disability sport at Wigan Athletic Community Trust

What have you been doing in your weekly coaching?

New Springs Ability Lions started on the 22 April 2017, I was the coach for these sessions, we had at least 30 participants each week. We started these sessions as we found one member's son wouldn't participate in the league. We thought there may be many more that would want to take part, so that's why we set up the sessions. Which at first, we started as multi sports 

I have a few roles within our club New Springs Ability Lions, my main role is being the head coach over all sections. Within this role I make sure that all coaches are happy and comfortable able leading up to sessions and during them. I create session plans as a guideline for them to follow through each training session. These plans are only guidelines, as things may change on the day.  

I coach the under 18s which we focus on football, we are currently preparing for our first game this year which is in a month’s time. 

I am on our Committee as head coach representative and Club Welfare Officer, the fa helps us as I'm finishing my last course to be fully qualified. Within these roles, I help plan festivals and events to help us raise money for our Club to buy equipment and kit etc.

We currently have cubs which are learning multi sports/skills. We then have under 12s and under 18s, and we have just around 100 participants, volunteers and coaches registered with us.

Why does this area of sports coaching interest you?

This area of sports coaching interests me because from growing up all I ever did and wanted to do was play sports for a team. Seeing people not participate because of their disability upset me, and I wanted to do more to create a safe and fun environment for them to participate in. No only did I want to get them involved in sport, it gave them the equal opportunities to participate and set themselves goals to reach. I know a few participants want a career in sports coaching, and I wanted to give them the opportunity to do that!  

How has this degree helped you gain the knowledge and experience required to do all this? 

This course has made me realise that there are so many opportunities out there for anyone to participate in sport or have a career in sport. I've learned different ways on how to coach, which I take back to my team and use them in my sessions and other sessions. I have also used information from the operations management side when promoting and speaking to stakeholders and sponsors.

What are your future plans?

My future career plans are that I want to continue what I am doing in coaching for a few more years, but I want to progress on and be able to train others and give them an opportunity to be a coach. My future plans are linked with what I am currently doing now with working for Wigan Athletic Community Trust as a full-time coach, And my voluntary hours at New Springs Ability Lions.