Tort law examines the law behind headline stories

Tort Law

Lecturer Karen Counsell, author of Optimize Tort Law, says: "In the Law of Tort module we will focus our assessment on a simulated legal firm who represents a client in a personal injury accident where you will interact with characters on line over a number of weeks. This will provide you with some idea of what legal work might like in real life.
The torts module will examine areas such as negligence. So, suppose I was driving along the road in my car adjusting the controls on my CD player when I pull up at a roundabout. I don’t notice Fred cycling around the roundabout and pull out, hitting him. Fred is badly injured, his bicycle is destroyed, his left leg is broken and he is off work for four months. It was not Fred’s fault.  

Studying the law of tort will allow us to establish what legal duties are owed towards Fred by me, the driver who injured him and guide how the law will deal with compensation for his injuries and losses.

You will also look at other areas of tort, including land-based torts such as trespass, tort of negligence, occupier’s liability and examine other remedies besides damages such as different types of injunctions.”

And in case you're wondering about the snail...

...look up the landmark tort case of Donoghue v Stevenson.