Meet the lecturer

Alex Dobson

Alexandra Dobson, Reader in Law, teaches across a range of law subjects including Rights/Remedies and Obligations, Testate and Intestate Succession and Law of Tort. Her specialism is criminal law.

What is your background?
Before entering academia, I was a journalist for many years and wrote on law related issues specialising in health and social care. I realised that my interest in law was growing and I made the transition.

What do you enjoy about it?
As a lecturer, conveying my enthusiasm for my subject to my students and carrying out my research.

Biggest learning curve
Learning to respond to deadlines as a journalist, communicating effectively and being prepared to take up opportunities as they arise. All these have been enormously useful to me as an academic too!

What to read before class...
Learning the Law – Glanville Williams.

Shami Chakrabarti - Director of Liberty. She is articulate, clear thinking and utilises her knowledge of the law to promote important causes.

Anything else?
I also lead a research centre, the Business Accountability and Responsibility Centre (BARC). The Centre works with researchers both within the university and nationally and internationally. BARC works with major law firms and high profile members of the legal and accountancy professions and the emphasis is on being outward facing.