Student Practice

The nine artists exhibiting in the MA Arts Practice Final Show 2015 at the University of South Wales cover a wealth of subjects within both fine art and arts health and wellbeing


Kat Thorne cushions the blow by making duvets for an orphanage of insults. Charlotte Jones shows the persistence of memory using discarded objects as sundials. M C Davies’ work asks us to reach out and connect with the invisible in society, such as the homeless. 


Sevilay Ozyay connects East and West by reinterpreting the chance patterns of marbling from the Far East through laboured reiteration. Kayleigh Adams' disconcerting environments immerse us in the worlds of narcissism and voyeurism. In Kira Withers Jones' studio and her book we see aspirations made visible and gently moved towards realisation.  


Jennie Gough’s exhibition evokes a landscape of refugees. Lucy Thomas explores hidden force fields that connect particles or communities. Nick Davies tracks the flow of water from vertical to horizontal through an installation of wire drawing, glass and stone. 


Finally Lee Shott represents a community through both police profile images and rosy pictures gleaned from local council community magazines.