Gemma Bartlett creates artwork for healthcare facilities to encourage patient and staff wellbeing

MA Arts Practice, Arts, Health and Wellbeing graduate, Gemma Bartlett, uses her knowledge and talent to create artwork for healthcare facilities. Below she tells us about her experience studying at USW and how this has shaped her projects at Swansea’s Morriston Hospital and Willis Newson, the UK’s leading arts and health consultancy.

“I found the MA Arts Practice course rewarding and engaging. Being on the course with other creatives, who specialise in other mediums created a different atmosphere and way of learning to my previous BA photographic studies. This allowed time to understand and see alternative perspectives and influences. 

Since leaving the course I have used my knowledge and expertise to create artwork for health care facilities. In particular, I have created work in and around the Liz Baker Renal Dialysis Unit at Morriston Hospital in Swansea. Here a sense of positive health and wellbeing for both patients and staff was of vital importance as well as a sense of belonging and identity to the local area.  Visiting the space during its developmental stages allowed time to pre-visualise how the artworks would sit in relation to one another giving a sense of purpose and meaning.

I have also worked on a commission for Willis Newson (the UK's leading arts and health consultancy) producing photographic landscape images for patient bedrooms at Y Bwthyn NGS Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Unit, based at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital. Here a sense of local identity in the landscape and choice for patients was meaningful. Through conversation and workshop settings I worked with both patients and staff, developing the idea of dreamed landscapes and memories .”

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