My final year exhibition - The Narcissist

Tanya Whittaker - MA Arts Practice

Tanya Whittaker studies MA Arts Practice (Fine Art) and explains her final year exhibition ‘The Narcissist'.

“During my performance titled ‘The Narcissist’ 2014 I wanted to create a work that emphasised the immediate, the now, the moment, within a social media site such as Facebook. So I created a performance that incorporated it along with the male gaze.

John Berger explains “the social presence of a woman is different in kind from that of a man.” (Berger 1972) In recent studies it has been suggested that “young women are particularly high users of social networking sites and post more photographs of themselves on the internet than men do.” (Briggs 2014)

During this performance I changed into several outfits and then stood on a platform and took several selfies, for each outfit change I selected the best selfie and posted it on my face book site. My Facebook page was also on view to show live comments and likes etc.

The outfits became more sophisticated and the poses became more narcissistic. After forty minutes of poses I then invited the audience to stand with me on my plinth to take a selfie. Interestingly the participants mimicked the pouting narcissistic poses they had been watching me create.”

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