Lee talks about his time on the course

Lee Shott studies MA Arts Practice

"The MA Arts Practice course at the University of South Wales offers the freedom to work within a great environment full of creativity and talent.

It’s the perfect place to express yourself - the atmosphere and people make it a place you want to be, full of creative individuals who offer advice and help when you need it. The facilities are outstanding, along with the support of kind, understanding and very talented tutors.

As an artist I’m always looking to develop my practice. For those students who want to further their artistic knowledge and go on to refine their art skills for exhibitions, the University is perfect. I feel inspired when I’m here. 

I’m always looking to exhibit, and with the support and advice of my tutors I’m able to gather a better understanding of the art world. This has benefited my entrepreneurial skills, and I now feel confident when dealing with enquiries and statements. 


Once I graduate, I aim to further my artistic profile and exhibit regularly. I want to progress to more established galleries."


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