My dream is to be a successful writer

Rachel Price

Rachel Price studied for her undergraduate degree in BA Performance and Media. She then progressed to a postgraduate course in MA Film (Screenwriting) to fulfil her dream of becoming a successful screen writer.

What made you choose USW? 
I did my undergraduate course in Performance and Media at USW, and I absolutely loved it. The facilities and the location are ideal for me. 
Did you study around other commitments? 
I started my postgraduate degree straight after completing my undergraduate degree. As well as doing my course, I have two children, and I work as an assistant in a drama academy on Saturdays. I find I have a really good work/life balance as long as I can stay organised.
How did you find the fees and funding process? 
The fees and funding process was very straightforward. I was in touch with the money advice team, who helped apply my discount as I am a returning USW student. The payment plans are great and very flexible. Since I set up the direct debit, I haven't had to do anything.
How have you found blended learning? 
I've really enjoyed having our lectures online. It's been especially helpful, because of my children. I've learned how to use teams which has been really useful. Especially for us screenwriters as we can send our scripts into the group, and we can read each other's work like a writer's room.
Is it easy to stay in touch with course mates and lecturers? 
Our group has really bonded. I think online learning has been a big factor. We have a Whatsapp group, a Facebook group and a Discord, where anyone on MA Film can meet and chat. It's been useful for writing sessions. We all watch a film, and then we get together on discord to discuss it, which has been an enjoyable experience. It's easy to stay in touch with lecturers through email, and we get a chance to ask questions and raise concerns during our sessions. The MA Film group supports one another, and we've all become really great friends.
Tell us about the location of the University? 
The location of the University is perfect! It's in the middle of Cardiff, and close to the shops and restaurants. It's also near beautiful green spaces like Bute Park, Roath Park and Cardiff Castle. The train and bus services stop close to the University, which is handy as I don't live in the centre.

Which support services have you accessed? 
I've used the library, and the people there are helpful. The study pods are great for meetings. There's a variety of resources available. If you want a book they don't have, they can sometimes order it for you. Being able to book out rooms and equipment from the University is also extremely helpful.
What are the best bits about the course so far? 
The best thing so far is the people. Everyone is so talented. I love seeing how other people approach their work and how different creative styles can blend together. I've learned a lot about screenwriting through our seminars and through the workshops we've had. Before I started the screenwriting degree, I was mainly focused on horror. However, it's giving me the confidence to try new things.
What will you learn that will make you more employable? 
We have classes in industry studies. It helps us to understand the TV and Film industry better. The sessions on how to build a good CV were especially helpful.
What placements have you been on so far? 
I'm currently on a placement, and I'm really enjoying it because it involves interactive film. It's an area that really interests me.

What are your future plans? 
Become the next Emerald Fennel? Oscar for my first screenplay. Maybe not, but my dream is to be a successful writer. It has been all my life. I just plan on building up my portfolio and skills. I'm always learning and creating so, I plan on keeping that going.