The course stimulates real work environments, says student Stephen.

Stephen Stanley Alawode tells us why he decided to progress onto the MA Graphic Communication and how it has benefited him.


“I decided to study the MA Graphic Communication as I wanted more out of my education, a postgraduate degree offers a wider range opportunities in terms of career choices.  


So far, I’ve worked on a wide range of projects, such as designing magazine covers, book covers, book spreads, product branding and re-branding, logo design and web design. I even carried out a work placement, where I worked on projects for a number of clients and companies in Cardiff. I have also worked on the university’s prospectus and brochures.


The postgraduate course is practiced based, so I’m given a brief and a deadline to get the work done. Support is available when I need it, but my postgraduate course constantly stimulates real-life working environments. By doing this, I’m gaining the required skills and experience demanded by the industry.


My undergraduate degree was enjoyable as it incorporated elements of both practice and theory based learning. This meant that some projects were more about aesthetics and work presentation, while others were about idea generation and thought invoking rationales for undertaking a project. My favourite project was my final year project as it looked at gender from a non-gender binary point of view.


Anyone considering a postgraduate qualification at the Cardiff Campus at the University of South Wales is certainly thinking along the right path. The tutors are amazing and very friendly; the learning environment is very open so students don’t feel boxed in. The course welcomes all ideas and invites student from different backgrounds as it promotes the exchange of ideas and different thinking patterns. 


You’ll constantly find yourself amongst other creative’s who are eager to learn from you and welcome your perspective. That said, a postgraduate course demands concentration and very good time management so make sure you can be dedicated and committed to the programme before signing up.


After graduating, I would like to find work within a design group or company in order to make a career for myself. After about a decade of work, I would very much like to return to a university or college to teach Graphic Communication.”