This family-flexible course fuelled my management aspirations

Scott Reasons, leadership and management (education) graduate

Scott Reasons is the Leader of Learning at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community, Wales' first 3-16 school.

"The Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management has been a refreshing way to fuel my aspirations of senior management whilst still being flexible enough to cope with my family routine. 

I have always been interested in the pedagogy of different management styles but never thought there was a route to have this formally recognised in a way that could accommodate my responsibilities as a new parent.

I would describe the course as a hybrid between a school-based research project, routed and complimented by a CPD programme delivered within school.
The support from university tutors was always in the background, yet the right balance existed between guidance and autonomy.

I chose to research how PISA [Programme of International Student Assessment] had influenced mathematics at secondary school and its impact on GCSE attainment. To my surprise, there is not a great deal of literature that discusses the combination of both. There is an overwhelming amount of theory that portrays the politics behind Wales' pursuance of excellence in PISA, but relatively little which describes the impact at a school level.
In the current climate, I wondered whether students could simultaneously excel at both PISA and GCSE assessments? This questioned formed the basis of my action research.

The research has changed how I manage learning within my classroom. Every class is unique and therefore requires a unique set of intervention strategies that maximises the benefits for the recipients.
I have learnt how to combine several strategies within the same class which, in my opinion, maximises the opportunity for student progress regardless of the topics being taught.

I am not sure what the future holds; only time will tell if it's career progression. If not, I will always take comfort that I have a professionally recognised qualification which students benefit from as well as myself. "