It gave me the foundations to become a better teacher and leader

Hannah Webley, Education

Hannah Webley is the Deputy Curriculum Team Leader of English at Ebbw Fawr Learning Community. 

"During the PG Cert (Leadership and Management) I investigated the gender gap in English at Key Stage 3. I primarily focussed on the male preconceived ideas of English, the learning environment and effective teaching strategies that could alleviate the possible social and cultural preconceptions. 

I explored how ‘masculinity’ impacted on a boys approach to learning in English and discovered that often they found the schemes of work too feminine and ‘girl orientated’. 

The focus group gave me an insight into the equipment and environment that would enhance a boys learning which was heavily influenced by ICT. 

This discovery gave me opportunities to become creative and inventive in the classroom. The experience was invaluable to my teaching and resulted in an overhaul of my approach to teaching boys in English. 

I have used the experience to evaluate schemes of work, arrange the classroom in an engaging way for boys and altered my teaching style to accommodate what I have learned. 

Prior to the course, I was an English teacher at the start of my career, now, I am Deputy of the English Department and Lead Teacher within the school. 

I firmly believe the course gave me the foundations to become a better teacher and leader, and the experience and confidence to employ new ideas and approaches. 

Not only has the experience been positive for me professionally but has also had a great impact on bridging the gap in top set Year 9 boys. All three boys in the focus group achieved their aspirational targets for the year and have continued to excel in English."