Meet the lecturer: Music therapist Dr Liz Coombes


Dr Liz Coombes teaches MA Music Therapy and MA Art Psychotherapy. Liz has had scholarly articles published in peer–reviewed journals and has presented about her clinical work in the UK and abroad.

Liz is currently working on her PhD, part of which is a study in Welsh Neonatal units supporting parents to use music with their premature babies. Liz also has research interests in therapeutic music skill-sharing in which she has undertaken work in the UK and abroad.

She also has a breadth of clinical experience including children and young people with learning difficulties, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and also end-of-life care for adults.

"Music plays an important role in many people’s lives," she said. "In music therapy, music therapists use the innate qualities of music to support clients from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages.  

Using structured activities or free improvisation, clients are supported to use music as a way to facilitate positive changes in their lives, communicating and improving their emotional wellbeing with the help of a music therapist.

My own music therapy career began after a time of working as a community musician, and wanting to learn about the theoretical underpinning of music therapy to enable me to connect and work more deeply with clients."