A journey of self-discovery, creativity and endless opportunity


Erin is an MA Music Therapy student who works as a community musician during the week and sings in Disco, Soul & Funk bands at the weekend.

"I was so pleased to hear of a Music Therapy course in Wales, it meant I could continue working part-time whilst living in Cardiff. 

I have always felt extremely passionate about music, it's contributed to my own personal development from gaining confidence and allowing me to express my thoughts and feelings to meeting new people.

My immediate family are all in helping professions, which is something I have always aspired to do with my own career, so Music Therapy felt like the perfect match for my drive and passion for music and my hopes of working with and helping others. 

My clinical work has brought personal challenges to the surface, which has helped me to be more confident in my self and my relationships with others. I have been able to develop musically, improvising often as part of my studies, and have developed a good understanding of theoretical underpinning on this Music Therapy course.

I’ve been able to complete a variety of placements which has made me feel ready to apply for work as Music Therapist upon completing the course. It has offered me the opportunity to work with client groups I have never worked with, with fantastic supervisory support from the University.

Be aware of the personal development you will endure on the course, it can be personally very challenging, but the outcomes are transformative. I would encourage anyone who is thinking of applying for the Music Therapy course to look at taking part in an introductory weekend of Music Therapy to ensure the course at USW is right for you."