You don’t need to be a classically trained musician to consider Music Therapy

Music Therapy

DJ Paul Fernie proves that you don’t need to be a classically trained musician to study our MA Music Therapy course. Paul became fascinated by the combined fields of music and psychology in the final year of his undergraduate degree.

“In the final year of my undergraduate degree, I was able to develop a project of my choosing. Having always felt that music had benefited me during my time in rehab, I chose to return to the rehabilitation centre and work with the clients on a variety of musical projects. 

I worked with some inspiring people and decided that I would look into the possibility of pursuing a career in music therapy further.

This degree has given me the opportunity to develop my writing both academically and creatively. Over the summer, I had a piece of work published that explored my first therapy sessions as a student and how I perceived the experience.

Working with dedicated lecturers who are passionate about their field, who inspire and challenge you to think about the subject from different perspectives is my favourite part of the course.

I think that Music Therapy is one of the most rewarding courses you can imagine.

This is a pathway into being able to work with music and amazing and inspiring people on a daily basis. It is a demanding course, it requires you to learn new skills, while you also become more familiar with yourself, something that is sometimes difficult, but the reward from the work is worth it. 

USW has challenged me to become my best.”