Chiropractic career offers countless possibilities

Daniel Morgan, Chiropractic graduate

Master of Chiropractic graduate Daniel Morgan from Port Talbot works with elite athletes, and at private clinics in Port Talbot and Swansea.

He also contributes to research projects run by the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic and the Clinical Technology and Diagnostics Research Unit.

"My experiences on University of South Wales' chiropractic degree were nothing but positive. I enjoyed my experiences and developed friendships that are likely to last a lifetime. 

What most impressed me most was the willingness of the staff to go above and beyond to help out their students. The lecturers were always happy to help and quick to reply to emails and queries, and were passionate, punctual and determined to get the best out of us

The clinical placements were invaluable. The placement to Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr was extremely interesting. We accompanied one of the leading hip and feet orthopaedic surgeons on his rounds, observed surgery in the Operating Theatre and discussed hip replacements, surgery and the evolution of the surgical implements. 

The cadaver lab was also an experience that I will never forget, for all the right reasons! This was a fantastic opportunity to visualise and feel the human anatomy in its most pure form. We were quizzed on various parts of the body, including arm, leg, as well as the head and neck - this was hands-on learning at its best. 

The chiropractic course also fired my interest in research. I never envisaged myself doing research, but when the opportunity arose in year three, I found myself really enjoying it. 

It’s because of this that I have been lucky enough to work alongside elite professionals at Swansea City Academy Football Club and go on to do my MSc Sport and Exercise Medicine. I am in the middle of completing the Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (ICCSP) qualification which, if selected, will allow me to treat athletes at the Olympic games in 2020. 

Chiropractic is a career that offers countless possibilities. Whether your interest is paediatrics and obstetrics, elite sports, or maybe even chronic pain management, Chiropractic has avenues to help and treat people with a wide range of problems. 

As a chiropractor, the biggest perk of all is seeing patients respond to care. There is no better feeling that correcting somebody’s long or short term problems and see the impact it has on their life."