David Cooper on his growing chiropractic business

Dr D A Cooper Chiro graduate

Dr David Cooper, graduate of the Master of Chiropractic, is the owner of Sure Health Chiropractic

"Immediately after University I chanced my arm and opened up my first chiropractic clinic. I had done all the relevant planning and research and decided that Warrington was the best place to set up a first practice. 

Eighteen months later, and with business going well, a fantastic clinic came up for sale in Worcester. I now have two chiropractors working with me in Worcester and am hoping to employ another chiropractor in Warrington this summer, before attempting to open another clinic.

I look after the daily operations of the practice. This includes running clinical audits, marketing the practice, meetings, and setting and monitoring procedure.  As a chiropractor the most important thing is to maintain an ethical reputation. It should be a given, but our approach of treating each person individually and acting solely with their best interests in mind sets us apart in the private medical world. Financial gain comes as a result of this, and takes care of itself.

It is very humbling when a patient presents with a debilitating condition that resolves with a relatively straightforward diagnosis and treatment. However, the thing I find most satisfying is picking up a disease that has been missed and intervening in a way that could save a person’s life."