MBA (Master of Business Administration) Global

USW's MBA Global programme is a unique two-year MBA which offers students the opportunity to gain up to ten months' worth of work-experience in the UK.

The MBA Global offers specialist pathways in Finance, HRM, Supply Chain Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. It builds on a strong ethos of helping managers and leaders solve complex business problems while developing professionals who will make a strategic difference within the context of their organisations.

It will develop leadership and strategic thinking skills required to build successful teams and navigate growth within an uncertain, resource constrained and competitive business environment.

You will gain insights into how to prepare, plan and react efficiently to a rapidly changing environment.

The University is host to a vibrant, multicultural environment that provides excellent opportunity for you to gain global perspectives on business and management.

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2020/21 update: Blended learning approach for USW courses.

[Update excludes online-only courses].

The wellbeing and health and safety of our students and staff is paramount to us. We are committed to delivering all of our courses and services as safely as possible. Due to the pandemic, the methods and activities adopted for the coming year may differ from those previously published and may be subject to further change through the course of your study if such change is necessary due to public health concerns, health and safety guidance or in response to Government Guidelines. USW is committed to providing you with a fantastic student experience and a wealth of support, and you can hear how students have benefitted from this approach here: Learn more about blended learning.

Study Mode
Duration Start Date Campus Campus Code
Full-time 2 Years February Treforest A
Full-time 2 Years September Treforest A
Study Mode
Duration Start Date Campus Campus Code
Full-time 2 Years February Treforest A
Full-time 2 Years September Treforest A

MBA Global: Block One – fundamentals

  • Strategic Marketing
    The module will help students understand and critically evaluate how strategic marketing interfaces with general business strategy. Students will learn tools and techniques used for international market selection, segment acquisition and entry strategies.

  • Strategic Financial Management
    Students will gain an understanding of the issues and techniques of strategic financial management from both an internal and external stakeholder viewpoint.

  • Strategic Operations Management and Operational Research
    Students will gain an appreciation of operational processes, techniques, planning and control systems with reference to both manufacturing and service industries from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

  • Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Leadership in a Global Context
    This module will develop your capacity to critically evaluate and understand the dynamic nature of managing the employment relationship across various multi-national contexts.

MBA Global: Block Two – cross-functional strategy, going global

  • Global Strategy and Emerging Markets 
    Students will learn to use strategic tools and frameworks to develop plans for global or international expansion while gaining a critical understanding of global issues in trade integration. The module will focus on the macro environments within Emerging markets (E7) while studying the influence of local socio-cultural mechanisms on strategic planning.

Plus any one of the options below depending on specialism choice:

Project Management and Consultancy Skills (general)
Students will learn to evaluate the strategy and scope of a project while gaining an understanding of the project management process and the incumbent and emerging structural and leadership issues. Students will also be exposed to the process of identifying and selecting projects and managing projects using appropriate project management tools.

Accounting and Financial Control (Finance)
The module aims to provide an understanding of the most important financial decisions of a firm, covering the recent developments in the field of global corporate finance.

International Management of Employee Relations (HRM)
This module focuses on these activities, focusing not just on the practical aspects of recruitment, selection, employee retention and dismissal, but also on the strategic aspects to equip learners with the knowledge and skills required for resourcing and talent management within a global context.

Commercial Relationships (Supply-Chain Management)
This module encourages participants to go beyond the study of theory and become active participants in the debate that is at the leading edge of strategic thinking and practice. The module will help students identify the key drivers and trends that are increasing the globalisation of industries and markets, explore the structure and management of a global and international logistics and supply networks and examine the main activities involved in global and international logistics and supply chain management.

Social and Sustainability Marketing (Marketing)
This module aims to provide a critical understanding of the key constructs associated with Strategic Entrepreneurial Marketing; a critical understanding of how Strategic Entrepreneurial Marketing interfaces with business strategy; and the differentiation between Strategic Entrepreneurial Marketing, and normative marketing planning and management, from the context of strategic business model development within a technologically driven business environment.

The Entrepreneur in a Global Environment (Entrepreneurship) 
This module will explore issues associated with HRM, people management and high performing teams. It will explore leadership theory in an entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship context and will discuss the changing role and skill set required from entrepreneurial founder to entrepreneurial leader (of the business, within the business community, in society).

At this stage:

  • Students will undertake a field trip to a UK/EU based global corporation.
  • An MBA Expert Speaker Series will expose the students to guest lectures and seminars conducted by industry and academic leaders.
  • As an added benefit, students will have the chance to attend workshops on a range of skills such as negotiation skills, SEO, AGILE, Google Analytics etc.

MBA Global: Block Three - application

Students have the option of a six-to-ten-month internship or work placement in either:

An external work-placement
We will provide a range of competitive work-placement opportunities. Students may be required to attend an interview, develop a personal statement and demonstrate strong academic performance in order to secure one of these placements. Placements may range from large corporations and MNCs to SMEs.  

An internal consultancy-based internship
Students will also have the option of a business analyst role within the USW Business Clinic, the business school’s consultancy division, where you will carry out a clinic-based consultancy project for a client company. A range of projects are identified each year and students will be matched against these projects based on their interests, specialism and requirements of the client. 

Note: the course does not guarantee external work placements as these are limited and competitive.

MBA Global: Block Three and Four – Business Research Project

This block allows the student time and scope to develop a professional project report based on their work-placement or consultancy project internship to highlight and report their impact on the respective client organisations.

Business research project
Students are required to produce a report based on their internship or work placement, highlighting their ability to apply knowledge to solve complex problems within the industry and demonstrate research/investigative skills, project management and consultancy skills. Students will provide evidence of their impact on the organisation in the form of a professional business report.

Enterprise research project (only for Entrepreneurship pathway)
This module provides students with the knowledge, skills, capacity and personal outlook required to be a successful intrapreneur, owner or director of an entrepreneurial organisation. Enterprise project adopts a student-centred approach to innovation and entrepreneurship based on learning through a range of experiential projects that addresses real-time issues within the industry. A newly developed Incubator space in the heart of Cardiff will be made available for students developing business plans.


USW's MBA Global students will be taught across four block deliveries, each concentrating on a specific theme:

This block will focus on building upon existing knowledge of the business functions, while bringing students up to speed with contemporary perspectives and practices within various management verticals.

Students will select their specialisms from the available options which range from Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management.

This block will focus on providing the students with opportunities to apply their knowledge in real-time, identifying and solving problems within organisations while developing project management and consultancy skills.

Business Research Project
Depending on the length of the internship or work-placement, this block allows the student time and scope to develop a professional project report based on their work-placement or consultancy project internship to highlight and report their impact on the respective client organisations.

Contact time and independent study hours will vary across blocks.

An MBA Expert Speaker Series will expose the students to guest lectures and seminars conducted by industry and academic leaders.

Your studies will be underpinned by the latest research undertaken by the South Wales Business School Research Group. This means you will be taught by academics who are at the forefront of their specialist field.



Besides traditional essay and presentation-based assessments, the MBA Global course involves a unique and innovative approach to assessment called the ‘client-consultant’ scenario wherein students will be acting as consultants helping regional companies solve problems and help growth.

This approach involves carrying out research in real-time, attending client brief events, conducting organisational research and inquiry, writing professional business reports and presenting to company boards in the USW Barclays Boardroom. One such assessment will provide the necessary ‘practical’ exposure in each block of delivery.

Formal written examinations are kept to a minimum and will only be used in relevant modules such as Finance.


In addition to your MBA Global qualification, you'll also gain the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.


Students will have the opportunity to apply for a competitive internship or they may prefer an internship opportunity in the USW Business Clinic, working on local and international consultancy projects.

The USW Business Clinic enables students to participate in a ‘consultancy firm’ to provide advice for our clients. Students get to the root of the problem, which results in a detailed report and presentation of their recommendations.

These internships develop key employability skills such as team-work, resilience, communication, problem-solving, planning and organising.

Field Trips

The MBA Global features an international field trip which will involve a visit to a global company. 

There may be additional costs associated with this course

Featured Lecturer:
Professor Jonathan Deacon

Professor Jonathan Deacon

Professor Jonathan Deacon is Professor of Marketing (Innovation and Engagement) and leads research with a focus on Marketing Strategy in small and large firms. Jonathan’s career prior to academia was within business – he launched and grew a number of successful businesses and has a working knowledge of high growth businesses and new venture starts. Jonathan is an acknowledged global ‘thought leader’ at the interface between Marketing, Design Thinking and Management. He has boardroom experience having held roles as NED, Trustee, Director and Chairman.


A minimum UK second-class honours degree or recognised international equivalent qualification.

Relevant managerial experience is preferable and all applicants would be considered on an individual basis. 


International Entry Requirements

The MBA course welcomes international applicants and requires an English level of IELTS 6.0 with a minimum of 5.5 in each component or equivalent.

Full-time fees are per year. Part-time fees are per 20 credits. Once enrolled, the fee will remain at the same rate throughout the duration of your study on this course.

August 2020 - July 2021 Fees

  • Full-time UK and EU:  £12000

  • Full-time International:  £15000 

August 2021 - July 2022 Fees

  • Full-time UK and EU: TBC

  • Full-time International: TBC

August 2022 - July 2023 Fees

  • Full-time UK and EU: TBC

  • Full-time International: TBC

Additional Costs

Students have access to a wide range of resources including textbooks, publications, and computers in the University’s library and via online resources. In most cases they are more than sufficient to complete a course of study. Where there are additional costs, either obligatory or optional, these are detailed below. Of course students may choose to purchase their own additional personal resources/tools over and above those listed to support their studies at their own expense. All stationery and printing costs are at a student’s own expense.

* Obligatory

Item Cost
Materials £250 - £250
Students on this course may be able to obtain the CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership. Students wishing to do this will be charged £250 (price correct at time of writing).

Register and apply directly to the University for the MBA Global.

Admissions statement 

The MBA programme will prepare students for employment within a range of sectors including retail, international management, consultancy, marketing and e-commerce.

It is ideal if you want to:

  • progress to a managerial or leadership position within an organisation
  • work for global companies and MNCs
  • become a consultant in an area of expertise
  • complement your technical bachelor’s degree with a Business and Management masters 
  • develop an awareness of global strategic tools and techniques, global cultures and management practices
  • work in an organisation planning to expand internationally or an organisation engaging in global projects
  • work in your family business and want to expand the business internationally

At the end of your MBA you may wish to progress on to postgraduate research with a Masters by Research or PhD.