Oscar from São Paulo moved his family to the UK for his MBA studies

Oscar Ferreira Do Carmo MBA

MBA (Master of Business Administration) student Oscar Ferreira do Carmo is from São Paulo, Brazil. Oscar has moved to the UK for his studies, bringing his family with him.

“Being an international student has been life changing. It’s broadened my views of the world. For me, it was important that my family shared this experience. That’s why, I made the decision for them to join me as I study the Master of Business Administration at USW. Together we have embraced a new culture and are using our experiences to improve our family life. We’ve lived as people in the UK would, trying new foods, experiencing different weather and seeing new places, such as Cardiff and London.

Before the MBA I worked in a public administration role in the Police - over 30 years as a helicopter pilot. I loved my job but was ready to develop my academic skills through the MBA. Following graduation I plan to return to the field, applying my new found knowledge to aviation. I’ve built a network of people in classes as I am sure this will benefit my future career.

I’ve loved every aspect of the course and my favourite topic has been leadership. You learn about the different leadership styles, which I can relate to, being in the Police. It’s been a challenge adapting to the learning environment as English isn’t my first language. As long as you ask questions when there’s something you don’t understand, you’ll be fine.

South Wales is definitely somewhere you can make a home, away from home. My children are enjoying school and have adapted really well. Their English skills have improved enormously. Cardiff is only a 20-minute train journey away from the Pontypridd campus, therefore city life is close enough. I’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle by joining the gym and make the most of every opportunity.

My overall experience has been amazing. The MBA course can be tough, so I recommend strict preparation to maximise what you learn in class.  The tutors have really helped me to adapt and have been approachable whenever I’ve needed advice. The class is made up of students from countries around the world. Not only is it important to learn from the tutors but it’s also essential you learn from your peers. That way you’ll find out people’s experiences of business, on an international basis – something you can’t solely learn from a text book.”