With an MBA, the sky is the limit, says Happy

Happy John Mang_Ache MBA - Master of Business Administration student

Master of Business Administration (MBA) student Happy Mang’ache, from Tanzania, is hoping to progress her career in customer care management following her studies.

“When I was accepted on the MBA at USW, I left my job to study in the UK. As a wife, mother and professional, I had to make this tough decision, as company policy did not allow me to take extended leave or study leave. Being here, I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made.

The learning style is very different in the UK. Back home we are assessed through exams. Here, we mainly submit assignments and perform live case studies. Even though the learning environments are different, both require you to focus and work hard. I've learnt that you are just being challenged in different ways. Being an international student, you learn to be adaptable and to embrace new ways of doing things. This broadens your mind-set for when you return home, not only in a professional advancement, but also in decision-making and judgement on things that affect your daily life.

I have studied modules such as strategic systems thinking, strategic tools analysis and technique, leadership and management theories, strategic operations management, strategic marketing and research methods. These modules have given me the tools to make informed decisions in the workplace. You gain an awareness of the change that organisations face and how best to plan and respond proficiently to minimise its impact.

Prior to the course, I worked in customer services, after studying a degree in Computer Sciences back in Tanzania. I realised that my technical background and experience was not enough to be able to progress in management as I wanted to. The course has taught me about business acumen, and the ability to make crucial business decisions based on analysis of the current market. 

When I graduate, I’m planning to return home to Tanzania and work as a director in customer care management, exercising the knowledge I've gained from the course. This will give me the experience I need to start up my own company, specialising in the field. The sky is the limit!”