Finance and cash flow is the lifeblood of any business

Alexander Delalu.jpg

MBA (Master of Business Administration) student Alexander Delalu from Nigeria dreams of starting his own business.

Why did you choose to study the MBA?

I have always been inspired by businesses over 100 years old and how they sustain their success, in a rapidly changing business environment. These businesses are a major motivation for me to begin my own business, with a passion to inspire young entrepreneurs. Studying the MBA will give me the exposure I need to achieve this ambition, combined with the skills needed to affect the outcome I’m looking to achieve.

What’s been your favourite module?

The Strategic Financial Management module has been instrumental to the fulfilment of my future career goals. Finance and cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and managing it carefully helps to eliminate or reduce risk. During tutorials we’ve looked at a case studies of financial mismanagement that lead to the global financial crisis of 2007/08. We identified the lack of proper risk management processes. These case studies led us to evaluating the relevance of the UK’s corporate governance code. It was set up as a proactive approach to manage risk. 

How have you found the learning experience?

The MBA is an esteemed course at the University of South Wales. Teaching staff recognise this and do all they can to help you succeed. They are passionate about their specialist areas, which enthuses you during classes. Lecturers place emphasis on research and the ability to connect the theory to real life situations. They have introduced me to critical thinking techniques, which is essential in business. The world needs people who can provide simple and practical solutions to business problems, so they teach you how to step back and look at problems from different perspectives.

How have you found the study abroad experience?

I love studying abroad and as I’m quite an adventurous person, Wales is the perfect location to travel and explore. So far, I’ve visited London and Swansea. Through the course I will be travelling to Hungary with my peers to visit established businesses, to find out what the key is, to their success – something I’m very much looking forward to.