Senior Lecturer, Lisa Curtis: What to expect from the part-time MBA

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Lisa Curtis, Senior Lecturer on the part-time MBA (Masters of Business Administration) speaks about the benefits of studying the course.

"Inspiring the next generation of leaders, this contemporary part-time MBA (Masters of Business Administration) produces confident individuals, competent at applying what they’ve learnt to industry. They can analyse and critically evaluate, making them an asset to any business.

The course provides you with academic rigor that can be applied to the real world. Covering everything from marketing, leadership and management, finance, operations and strategy, it equips you with the tools to be more effective in the workplace. The underpinning knowledge you’ll gain will support your practical skills, which will collectively lead to you becoming a better manager.

The MBA is demanding, and therefore you need to be committed to the challenges it brings. Even though the work is intense, the benefits far outway any reservations you may have. The subject matter is versatile offering you greater flexibility in terms of career paths and you’ll even have the chance to join the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) at a seriously reduced price. As well as building networks across different organisations, you’ll have plentiful opportunities to share good practice with your peers.

We want our students to graduate with an increased skill-set and knowledge base, as well as the confidence to lead and make a difference to the workplace. That’s why employability, leadership and management, and strategic and critical thinking are embedded in every module. These threads allows us to nurture the attributes that make our graduates great managers. In your working environment, you’ll be able to think holistically and approach business problems from a different angle – something that’s highly sought by employers.

As a manager, no matter what your specialist area is, managing and understanding people is a crucial part of your role. Whether you’re dealing with day-to-day issues or working out how people’s roles fit into the overall strategy, people management is fundamental in achieving success. Recognising this, we develop your emotional intelligence and your self-awareness so you have what it takes to escalate your career to the next level."