Jim Flood, Director of Operations is studying the part-time MBA

Jim Flood - MBA.jpg

Part-time MBA (Master of Business Administration) student, Jim Flood, is the Director of Operations for Guardian Global Technologies, a worldwide company with it's headquarters based in South Wales. 

“Enlightening and enriching are two words I would use to describe the MBA (Master of Business Administration). Having graduated from University nearly 20 years ago, and now in my role as the Director of Operations at Guardian Global Technologies, I felt the MBA would help me to become a more rounded manager. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the other departments within the company, so the MBA was the best way of achieving this. I believe I now have the tools to continuously improve my performance in my role.

Guardian Global Technologies is the world’s leading independent designer and manufacturer of downhole logging equipment within the Oil and Gas industry. Essentially, my role at Guardian is to maximise revenue and profit at all times, by ensuring the operations run smoothly, as well as ensuring my teams have the necessary tools to do their jobs. I oversee the manufacturing arm in Wales, responsible for the manufacturing and assembling of electro-mechanical tools used around the world. I look after four departments, which include the Machine Shop, Surface Mount Assembly Line, Assembly & Test and Stores & Purchasing. I also liaise with our Sales and Service team in Houston, Texas, to ensure their needs and deadlines are met.

The greatest benefit of studying the course is the knowledge I have gained around finance; especially when reporting on how my area of the business has performed each month, quarter and year. In addition, I now have the skills to better reflect on any given situation, and I am able to tailor my response and reactions, taking a far more measured approach. The course has taught me to view my work through new perspectives and to reflect on and evaluate myself as a manager, helping me to continually improve my own performance in the workplace.

The MBA has certainly helped to improve my interpersonal skills. I am able to get more out of my staff, via improved coaching and through the implementation of leadership and management methodologies. I spend more time evaluating problems when they arise, rather than instantly responding. This means I can provide a better response to staff, whilst supporting them in the process of dealing with the issues at hand.

The MBA requires a lot hard work and commitment. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested, whilst also advising him or her not to go into it lightly. The demands are incredibly high, but as long as you’re dedicated, the rewards are more than worth it.”