Computer Science degree is a perfect mix of science and creativity

Joseph Vaughan, MComp Computer Science graduate

Joseph Vaughan attended Barry Comprehensive School before coming to USW to study the MComp Computer Science degree. He graduated in 2016 with distinctions and the award for Best Dissertation Project. He now works as a Software Developer at Trusted Data Solutions.

About my job

"I got the job through a summer placement. The company were looking for students to work part time throughout the holidays, and at the end of my temporary contract, they offered to hire me part time as a Software Developer while I completed my degree.

I now lead the development of our internal project management and inventorying tools. We receive high volumes of backup tapes from clients which must be correctly tracked, complete with legally-binding chain-of-custody information. I write the software, take feedback from the in-house teams (the users), and lead training sessions.

I enjoy having the freedom to research and utilise the best technologies. This allows me to broaden my expertise into various technologies and programming languages, as well as my knowledge of both Windows and Linux operation systems.

It is a good job as you are able to work on tangible projects and make a meaningful contribution. The feedback is instant when you see people using your software and it is a great feeling to know you are directly helping people in their day-to-day work.

Why I chose a Computer Science degree

I love understanding how things work, and also really enjoy creating things. Computer Science is the perfect mix of scientific knowledge and creativity.

The computer science qualification has greatly helped me in my career so far by providing an underlying knowledge of Computer Science. The University delivers on this aspect through their use of the C++ programming language, compared to higher level languages such as Java at other universities. This was paramount to me gaining a critical knowledge of computer science.

While I did not undertake any placements, the computer science course contained many industry-focused modules which included project management and team-based activities. These are vital for the workplace as you must learn to collaborate both in person, and with your code.

I also got involved in many extra curricular activities, such as going away on team building trips and being a student course representative. I found it hugely helpful for getting to know my peers and lecturers outside of classes, as well as ensuring that any issues with our course were resolved quickly."