My three best moments of the geography course

Ryan Thomas, Geography

Ryan Thomas looks back on the best three moments of the Geography course.

  1. Uganda
    The two-week field trip to Uganda was a profound experience that changed my perspective on life. I saw other ways of life and of living, and this gave me a more rounded and honest view of the world. It also made me better able to adapt to new environments and situations, something I know will benefit to me in the future.

  2. Group work
    I really enjoyed working on group presentations with my course mates. Yes, they were always pretty stressful experiences but it was also good to be able to come up with ideas, share ideas and work together as a group to create a great piece of work.

  3. Great memories
    Another year, another fantastic field trip, this time to Italy. I especially remember one night. We had finished the evening work and were just kicking back and relaxing with the lecturers. It was great to get to know them as more than just lecturers, and I enjoyed being able to share a quiet drink and a laugh with them after a hard day of work.