Course offered life-changing experiences

Amrik Geography Graduate

Amrik Hunjun graduated from the BSc (Hons) Geography in 2014 and now works as a data analyst for IRI Worldwide, a market research company that specialises in providing market intelligence for many of the largest FMCG retailers internationally.

"I am currently working on a project with Kellogg’s, where my job is to harmonise and align the raw data sent to us from the client. When the process is complete, the data is ready for marketing purposes, and sent back to Kellogg’s. 

I've been at IRI since mid-August and am really enjoying it. It’s working with a lot of numbers and Excel formulas, which is quite challenging - however the degree helped me a lot in getting here. The maths and statistics techniques we studied on the degree really helped.

I work with lots of Maths or analytical graduates degrees, but as the Geography degree covered such a broad spectrum of topics and skills, I can easily hold my own, plus contribute unique skills in other areas too. This was very much a bonus when applying for this job - and being successful!

USW's geography degree was really enjoyable and rewarding; seeing how our work and research will help local and international communities alike. The field trips were a real pull in applying to USW. Looking back, they have left me with unforgettable and genuinely life-changing experiences."