Meet the course leader

Duncan Pirrie, Geology lecturer

Dr Duncan Pirrie, Associate Professor of Geology, started his career as a field sedimentologist in Antarctica with the British Antarctic Survey with five Antarctic field seasons examining Jurassic and Cretaceous sedimentary rocks.

Duncan then joined the Camborne School of Mines / University of Exeter where he continued his research interests with fieldwork in New Zealand, South America, Australia and throughout Europe. 

Research topics were wide ranging and included Jurassic and Cretaceous climates and palaeoenvironments, sediment provenance and diagenesis, platinum group mineralisation and the environmental impact of mining. 

Duncan then left academia and set up a consultancy company focussed on providing applied mineralogy solutions to a wide range of business sectors including forensic science, petroleum geoscience, mining / mineral processing and environmental studies. 

In 2016 he joined USW where he is Associate Professor of Geology. Current research interests focus on automated mineralogy, provenance of geological materials and geoarchaeology, forensic geoscience and sediment diagenesis.