Advanced Practice course has given me more credibility with doctors

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Delyth Evans, a student on the Advanced Clinical Practitioner course, works in the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) at the Royal Glamorgan Hospital (Cwm Taf UHB), where she has been for the last 14 years.

She works in several different areas of the department such as Resuscitation and Triage and is a mentor for student nurses.

"I enjoy the variety of work, you never know what is going to come through the door. I also enjoy working as part of the team. A&E is the one place I’ve worked where nurses and doctors work on a parallel with each other.

I decided to do the MSc Advanced Clinical Practitioner course as I felt I needed to further my career. I needed something to challenge me, and knew this course would develop me clinically as well as academically.

Ultimately, I wanted to increase my knowledge and skills so that I could work towards becoming an Emergency Nurse Practitioner, and develop my interest in teaching and assessment.

I am really enjoying the advanced practice course, and it is already having a positive impact on my role. Clinically, my assessment skills have improved.

I am more confident performing physical examinations and it has made such a difference to the way I triage major patients.

I think it has given me more credibility with the doctors, too.

The teaching has been great. The time in the Clinical Simulation Centre was the most beneficial and I looked forward to spending more time there in my second year.

I am a bit of a science geek so I particularly enjoyed the Clinical Conditions modules, the lecturers were so enthusiastic about their subject and really challenged us. Even when I had a wobble and failed a module, the lecturers were fantastic with me and got me through the resit.

At the moment, I am in the third year and in the middle of writing my dissertation. I am researching the role of the advanced paediatric clinical practitioner in the recognition of paediatrics sepsis in A&E.

Being a paediatric ANP is something I would love to do and sepsis is a real issue at the moment. It is great that I have been able to focus my dissertation on an area that I am interested in and one that will help further my career."