Module: The Modern Coach – Thriving in a Complex World

Strength and Conditioning

The Modern Coach – Thriving in a Complex World module will enable students to take a multi-disciplinary approach to their coaching development and enable them to develop the knowledge and skills required to thrive in this complex world of human performance.

It has always been said that coaching is both a science and art. Just as human performance cannot be explained from a single academic discipline, similarly, effective coaching cannot be mastered from a single discipline.

At any time, a coach will play multiple roles: they will be a scientist, a teacher, a leader, a manager, a negotiator, a motivator, a creator etc. Similarly, coaching does not begin and end with session delivery, it is an ongoing process, with every interaction with the athlete potentially affecting coaching effectiveness. Being able to master the profession of coaching requires mastery of the five minds of the strength and conditioning: disciplinary, synthesising, creative, respectful and ethical.

Within each mind key skills and capacities need to be developed and which underpin coaching effectiveness.