I have become a better coach and person as a result of the course

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Allan McManus is Academy Director at St Mirren FC and is currently nearing the end of his studies at USW. Here, he tells us about his experiences studying the MSc Advanced Performance Football Coaching at USW.

"I began studying the MSc Advanced Performance Football Coaching as I wanted to learn more about an array of disciplines that would enhance my current footballing knowledge and understand the literature that underpins the practical element of the game. Several of these disciplines are not currently delivered on any other current footballing courses, making USW the ideal choice for me.

Being taught via a blended platform was great. I loved the freedom to be able to work on my own whilst having fantastic support available whenever required. The residential courses were a great opportunity to network and get to know the people you are learning from and studying with.

As a coach, it has changed my whole outlook on how I deliver sessions. The knowledge gained from periodisation and curriculum design has allowed me to restructure our whole programme. I have found it useful to regularly self-reflect and use the literature to support and underpin anything we implement within the academy structure.

As a person, I have become more aware of my behaviours, strengths and weaknesses and how they can impact other people. As a professional, I feel more confident in my all-round knowledge of the game and putting the knowledge into practice to help improve both players and staff. Having knowledge of the game is only a small part, how you share that knowledge so that others learn from it is something you do not learn on coaching courses.

Overall, I have had a fantastic experience and it's one of the best things I have done so far in my life. It has been a challenge to maintain the discipline required to get through the course however I have met some fantastic people and have learned so much from the course. I have become a better coach and person as a result of the course.

If you are thinking of studying this degree, go for it, you will learn so much from the course and will develop your skill set in so many disciplines. No other course or certificate has come close to this level of detail."

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